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Lisa Mehydene, Edit 58 Founder - Top 5 Nursery Decor Tips

We just LOVE Edit 58 and feel very lucky that founder Lisa Mehydene has agreed to share her top 5 tips for decorating a nursery with us. Edit 58 is the most beautifully curated collection of homewares put together with Lisa's totally on point flair and eye for style. We love the eclectic look she has created and are always excited to see what she's launching next. On that note we might just see if she's got anything new in stock...

Start with a neutral backdrop

I really like having a simple, clean palette in my children’s rooms and then allowing their things to provide the colour and visual interest. This also makes the space more adaptable as they grow, and prevents the constant need for redecoration. Simply switching out their possessions and accessories will allow the room to grow with them. I am also a huge fan of not having carpet in their bedrooms and using rugs for warmth and texture – it’s so much easier to keep clean.


Willa and The Bear Blog | The Mama Diaries | Lisa Mehydene Edit 58

Style everything!

It will help the space look pulled together and give you pleasure knowing everything has a home! For example, I store all my daughter’s shoes on a pretty tray under her wardrobe. All her hair ties and bits of jewellery go into used Bon Maman glass jam jars. Mini Liberty print suitcases hide a lot of sins, but look beautiful stacked up and are easy for her to carry around the house and play with the contents in a different room. Necklaces are hung over vintage bamboo mirrors. Books are stored in a vintage toy pram. And of course, baskets – you can never, ever have enough.


willa and the bear blog | the mama diaries | edit 58 lisa mehydene

Buy cheap vintage furniture

It adds character and you can paint it to make it work in the space. Plus, it’s generally well made and can take the inevitable knocks the children will provide it with! In Milla’s room we bought a vintage armoire from Ebay for about £35 and painted it. I switched the handles to pretty, childlike Nathalie Lete ones from Anthropologie. I also purchased a simple chest of drawers from a vintage shop and painted each drawer a different colour and changed the handles to glass ones. Really simple, and easy to do and it now feels like something designed with my daughter in mind.

Willa and The Bear Blog | The Mama Diaries | Lisa Mehydene Edit 58

Art is really important in children's rooms

It’s a really great way to add visual interest and inspire them too - plus it’s a lovely way to involve them in the decoration aspect if they are a part of the artwork selection.We recently (in non lockdown times) took a trip the Royal Academy of Arts and let our children pick a piece each from their “Poster Bar”. It was so interesting to see what they chose, and they love having it on their wall. Also, remember that their walls are great for displaying other visually interesting pieces beyond traditional art. We have used rugs as wallhangings, have our papier-mâche animals and letters mounted, vintage framed embroidery samplers etc. 


willa and the bear blog | the mama diaries | edit 58 lisa mehydene

Make their bed a complete haven

The idea being that they’re more likely to get into it each night and stay there longer in the morning! Beautiful, soft bed linen, layers of blankets and quilts/eiderdowns. Soft cushions to prop themselves up with when they read. For us, little wall mounted lights next to their beds have been game changers too. They love feeling “grown up” and being in control - and anything that encourages them to read more gets my vote! 

willa and the bear blog | the mama diaries | edit 58 lisa mehydene 

Thank you Lisa! x 

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