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A Message from Hattie on Our Makers in India

We all know that supply chains all over the world have been screwed up due to recent global craziness (COVID/Brexit/the-container-ship-stuck-in-the-Suez-Canal) but to date, thanks to you, our wonderful customers, and more than a little good luck, our little company has blustered through these stormy seas relatively unscathed. That is up until now where we find ourselves well and truly thwarted by COVID as it rips mercilessly through India.

I’m sure there isn’t a single one of us who hasn’t been thinking about our Indian counterparts this week as we watch their healthcare system buckle under the pressure of the current coronavirus wave. My daily updates from our lovely block printing house in the pink city of Jaipur are only getting worse as their situation is clearly frightening. When we think back to Christmas where we faced the truly scary prospect of our hospitals being overwhelmed and now we are seeing the communities in India living that reality – no beds, no oxygen, just complete and utter despair… it’s just horrifying.

-how can we help india?


We are currently working with our block printing house to see how best we can help them, whether by creating our own fundraising campaign or donating profits from a special product. In the meantime we would encourage you to donate to one of the many great organisations out there who are doing brilliant work to support hospitals and communities. We are aware of campaigns run by  Mutual Aid India, The British Asian Trust and The Disasters Emergency Committee.*
As soon as our block printing and stitching can resume safely, I know that our little supply chain will right itself, but at this point, I can’t say exactly how long it will be until our next orders ship, so I wanted to say THANK YOU for your patience and for bearing with us whilst we do our best to get our products here in the safest way possible for everyone involved.  And please keep our skilled artisans and their families in your thoughts over the coming days.



I hope you’ll continue to bear with us as we try and get our next drop of stock delivered safely.


Willa and The Bear Blog | The Mama Diaries | Hand Block Printing in India

Willa and The Bear Blog | The Mama Diaries | Hand Block Printing in India Willa and The Bear Blog | The Mama Diaries | Hand Block Printing in India

 *please note that we don't have any links with these organisations and cannot guarantee them. any donations will be made at your own risk

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